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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

  New reviews
A couple of new reviews have gone up for my books at The Green Man Review and Greatest Uncommon Denominator:

"In Lucy A. Snyder's new urban fantasy, Spellbent, apprentice witch Jessie Shimmer is compelled to undergo trial by fire -- both figuratively and literally -- as she attempts to save her lover and the city in which she lives. ... Snyder's brand of urban fantasy is a bit darker and grittier than most, with many of the characters battling their own very believable personal demons as well as the supernatural variety. The character of Jessie also makes a nice change from the many heroines of urban fantasy stories in that Jessie actually spends more time worrying about other people than she does her clothes, and she relies on her brains and courage rather than sex to solve problems." (read more)

"In (Installing Linux On A Dead Badger), Snyder succeeds in making zombies (both human and animal) wickedly funny -- no matter how jaded you are by cries of 'Braaaaaaaaaaaains!!!' Either this book will make you laugh out loud at least once, or you should consider having yourself checked for signs of death." (read more)

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